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Hit the Road: Memorable Road Trips from Kewanee, IL for Adventure Seekers

By Isla Coventry, Posted on 17 Jun, 2023 at 10:05 am

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If you're an adventure seeker and love the open road, Kewanee, IL, serves as an excellent starting point for memorable road trips. Whether you prefer scenic drives through picturesque landscapes or crave the thrill of exploring captivating destinations, these road trip routes will satisfy your wanderlust. Buckle up and get ready to hit the road!


1. Great River Road: Along the Majestic Mississippi River

Embark on an unforgettable journey along the Great River Road, a scenic byway that runs alongside the mighty Mississippi River. Starting from Kewanee, head south and follow the road as it winds through charming river towns, rolling hills, and breathtaking river views.

Stop by the picturesque town of Galena, known for its historic charm and unique shops. Continue south to Savanna, where you can explore the stunning Mississippi Palisades State Park. Take in the panoramic vistas from the bluffs and hike along the park's scenic trails.

The Great River Road offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and small-town charm, making it an ideal road trip for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.


2. Starved Rock State Park: Nature's Magnificence

For nature lovers, a road trip to Starved Rock State Park is a must. Located near Utica, Illinois, this natural wonder boasts breathtaking canyons, waterfalls, and scenic hiking trails.

From Kewanee, head east and enjoy a leisurely drive through the countryside. Once at Starved Rock State Park, spend the day exploring the park's numerous trails and marveling at the cascading waterfalls. Be sure to visit the popular canyons, such as French Canyon and St. Louis Canyon, which offer stunning views and unique geological formations.

Immerse yourself in nature's magnificence and make unforgettable memories in this outdoor paradise.


3. Historic Route 66: A Journey through Time

Take a nostalgic journey along the iconic Route 66, immersing yourself in the history and charm of this legendary road. From Kewanee, hop on Route 78 South and connect to Route 66 near Dwight, Illinois.

Travel west along Route 66 and experience the classic Americana vibe. Pass through charming towns like Pontiac, where you can visit the Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum, filled with memorabilia and exhibits that celebrate the road's history.

Continue west and explore other notable Route 66 landmarks, such as the Gemini Giant in Wilmington and the iconic Pontiac-Oakland Automobile Museum. Indulge in roadside nostalgia, dine at classic diners, and soak up the rich history of this iconic road.


4. Matthiessen State Park and Starved Rock State Park: Twin Wonders

Combine the beauty of Matthiessen State Park with a visit to Starved Rock State Park for an unforgettable road trip experience. Just a short distance from Starved Rock, Matthiessen State Park is often overlooked but offers its own unique charm.

From Kewanee, head east towards Utica and explore Starved Rock State Park first. Afterward, continue to Matthiessen State Park and immerse yourself in its natural beauty. Marvel at the stunning rock formations, enjoy peaceful walks along the canyons and discover picturesque waterfalls.

This road trip allows you to experience the best of both parks and appreciates their distinct features, creating a memorable adventure.



Kewanee, IL, serves as a gateway to exciting road trip adventures. Whether you choose to embark on a scenic journey along the Great River Road or delve into the historical charm of Route 66, these road trips offer adventure, exploration, and a chance to create lasting memories.

From the majestic Mississippi River to the natural wonders of Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks, there's a road trip to suit every adventurer's taste. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let the thrill of the journey unfold!

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